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Taking your Pets Abroad

At long last motorhome owners will not have to leave members of their families behind when they go on their holidays. New laws, which will come into effect in January 2012, will make it much easier and cheaper for motorhome owners to take their pets on holiday with them. From next week the laws surrounding pet movement in the UK will come into line with those in the rest of the European Union… and about time too.

Out with the Old Rules

The hugely outdated rules have been amended to make it easier for pet owners to enjoy a holiday with their beloved furry friends and will now take into consideration the huge strides made in medical science in the last decade. In the past, many motorhome owners travelling around Europe have had to leave their pets at home due to long and expensive quarantine rules.

However, most of the obstacles that existed in the past will be removed. Mobilehome owners will certainly need to contact their motorhome insurance provider to make sure that their policy is updated to cover them while driving in Europe but that should be a formality.

In with the New

Animals will still need to have the important rabies vaccination, but the quarantine period will be slashed from six months to just three weeks. A pet passport and microchip will still be needed but expensive blood tests will no longer be required.

Today’s treatments are so advanced that the idea of making an animal sit in quarantine for six months, a practice which goes back two-hundred years, is now totally unnecessary. The new scheme is designed to stop the spread of rabies and other diseases while still allowing pets to travel.

Motorhome owners have Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman to thank for introducing the changes but most believe it should have happened many years ago. The minister herself said the quarantine system in the UK was archaic having been introduced in the 19th Century, and an overhaul was long overdue.

Travellers abroad can get the full list of countries that the changes apply to from the Governments website, but all European Union countries feature in the list as does the United States and Australia.

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