The Joys of a Motorhome

There’s no better feeling than bundling a week’s worth of ‘essentials’ and one or two of your favourite people into your motorhome and heading off for a seven-day escapade on the open road.

This type of all-in-one holiday provides everything you need from a single base: a place to lay your head, a cool mode of transport to get you where you’re going, a kitchen come café, a shelter from the elements and a quirky setting to make lifelong memories!

If the British summer is uncharacteristically bright, a week away will usually include a beach stop or two. So, after a long drive, why not stretch your legs and get some fresh air – maybe even catch a few rays of sunshine? Whichever part of the UK coastline you’re exploring you’ll find some beautiful coastal walks to enjoy once you’ve arrived. For inspiration, check out The Top 10 Coastal Walks picked out by the experts at the Daily Telegraph.

After taking in some of the seaside scenery, heading back to the van for a bite to eat is often on the agenda. If you’ve found a spot that allows firing up a barbecue on the beach it’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of motorhome life.

The beauty of holidaying in a motorhome is that you can really mix it up and go wherever your mood takes you. And your mood might lead you to spend a day or two of your week-away discovering the countryside.

There are some fantastic campsites all over the UK surrounded by unspoilt greenery and beautiful views, providing the perfect setting to sit outside your motorhome in the evening and watch the sun go down. On a clear night, you can make the most of being far from the light pollution of the city, and wile away the hours stargazing.

If you’re heading off the beaten track, the journey could be a bit of a treacherous one: unmade roads and lack of signage can be hazardous for the motorhome. Be careful to avoid narrow turnings and steep inclines that could have you stuck up the metaphorical creek!

Comfort’s comprehensive motorhome insurance covers everything from windscreen chips and cracks to optional breakdown cover for these eventualities, allowing you to rest a little easier.

Wherever you decide to spend your week-long break in your motorhome, it’ll no doubt involve a fair bit of time on the road getting from A to B. Taking scenic routes where possible will allow you to experience motor-homing at its finest – the freedom, the adventure and the flexibility.

And spending day and night together with loved-ones in the cosiness of a motorhome is great fun too!


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