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The warmest places to travel to this winter

Booking a winter motorhome trip is always exciting as you have the choice of having a traditional English cold winter holiday or getting away from it all somewhere warmer! The main locations for a warm winter in Europe are southern Portugal, southern Spain and the south of France, however The Algarve is usually the warmest. If you are a fan of the sun and hate the thought of sitting in a motorhome with layers of clothing not wanting to go outside in the freezing cold then here are some tips for the warmest places to travel to this winter.

Image of the Algarve

The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is ideal for both summer and winter holidays with an average temperature of 16 degrees in November and 14 degrees in December. This is why The Algarve is such a popular winter destination as it’s also a great place to meet people doing a similar thing. Even though in late December and January the weather can start to get a bit cold, you’ll still not need a jumper which is better than the 4 jumpers you would have to wear in the UK! On top of the great weather, Portugal is also one of the cheapest countries to spend your winter, so why not give it a try?

Top Tip: You will find campsites on the west coast of The Algarve that are ideal if you are looking for a quiet holiday. Lagos and Albufeira have some beautiful bays and coves, while campsites inland offer Roman ruins and the highest mountain range in the south.

Image of Andulucia

Spain, Andalucía

Just a little bit colder than the Algarve, Andalucía reaches an average of 12 degrees in December and 11 degrees in January. Andalucia also misses most of the Atlantic storms and is less crowded than the Algarve so if you want a quiet break, this is the place for you. Furthermore, if you want to experience Spanish culture then Andalucía is one of the best places to do so with flamenco, bullfights, ruined castes and sherry!

Top Tip: Malaga is great if you want somewhere slightly more lively and has lots to explore such as ancient cathedrals and beautiful buildings. Cordoba in particular boasts some beautiful history including an Arab mosque and a 16th century cathedral.

South of France

South of France

The South of France is quite a bit colder than the Algarve and Andalucía however it does escape most of the storms. It is also known as one of the most expensive places in Europe however there is a huge variety of places to visit from traditional villages to modern popular resorts or historical monuments. The weather averages at around 10 degrees in December and 9 degrees in January with some of the most popular places to visit being Nice, St Tropez, Arles and Aiz-en-Provence.

Top Tip: Make sure you are ready to splash the cash in the South of France. If it’s beaches you are after then Nice is the place to go, however it also has museums, Russian cathedrals and Vieux Nice. For a relaxed yet chic and affluent place to visit, head to St Tropez. Here you will find huge yachts, lots of money and potentially some celebrities.

Southern Italy

Southern Italy

Southern Italy is bursting with character and has clear, bright weather in the winter months. The south of Italy is a great place to head to if you are trying to get away from the crowds and is famous for its stunning beaches. Southern Italy reaches around 12 degrees during the winter which means you wont have to take lots of jumpers with you. Furthermore, it’s bursting with culture so you can see and do a wide range of things.

Top Tip: Napels is the place to be if you want museums and good food. You could also take a trip to Pompeii or ride down the Amalfi coast in your motorhome for some fantastic scenery.

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