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Top Tips for Buying a New Motorhome

Image of Swift MotorhomeIn just a few weeks’ time it will officially be spring (not that we are counting or anything!) which means that the motorhome season will start once more! Here at Comfort Insurance we can’t wait to hear about all our customers’ plans for the year, especially if they are thinking of embarking on something new and exciting.

However, before you start planning your next big motorhome or campervan trip you may want to take a good look at your current vehicle. If it’s been tucked away in storage for the past couple of months then it’s likely you may have forgotten what state it’s in, and unfortunately this means you may be in for a bit of a shock.

So what do you do? Well, if you have the budget the most obvious thing is to invest in a new motorhome or campervan! Naturally, this is something that will require a huge amount of investment so we have provided some top tips to make sure that your next motorhome is right for you:

1) Don’t Panic!

Here at Comfort Insurance we know better than anyone how close owners can become to their motorhomes, in fact many have even gone so far as to name them! This is why it’s always a sad day when you find out that your pride and joy has met its end. Furthermore, this situation may send you into a panic as it means that you will have to dispose of your old motorhome and then find the cash to purchase a new model.

The important thing to remember here is: don’t panic! The worst thing you can do is run out to the first motorhome dealership you can find and buy something that isn’t right for you. Instead, try and take a step back, remember (and potentially even thank) your old motorhome for all the fun it provided you and then think of ways in which your next vehicle could be even better…

2) Know what you want

This may sound obvious but it’s of the utmost importance that you know exactly what you want out of your new motorhome before you even think about buying one. One of the best things about buying a brand new motorhome is that you are able to be meticulous when it comes to its features and specifications. Did your last motorhome feel a bit cramped at times? Was there not enough room in the kitchen to cook all the meals you’d like? All these things you need to think about in detail in order to determine what is right for you.

(Top Tip: Write a list of everything you want out of your new motorhome… if you are artistic you could even draw some pictures too!)

3) Be Realistic with your Budget

It’s all well and good thinking that you want a ten-berth, American-style motorhome that will provide luxury and comfort wherever you go, however this is not very practical if you have nowhere to park it! Furthermore, you don’t want to spend all your money on your new vehicle and then find out that you don’t have enough left to truly enjoy your next holiday.

A great way to figure out your budget is to write down all the trips you would like to go on this year and how much this will realistically cost you. Remember, even though motorhome and campervan holidays are usually cheaper than if you stayed in a hotel you still need to be able to afford necessities such as petrol, food and equipment!

4) Make your Money go Further

So you’ve figured out what type of motorhome you want and how much you have to spend – now comes the fun part! To make sure you receive value for money when buying your next motorhome you need to try and haggle a bit. What extras will the dealership add for free? Could it be a satellite, better upholstery or even an awning? The best way to determine whether you are getting value for money is to follow your gut: you will always know deep down if you are happy with what you are getting for your money!

Buying a new motorhome should be an exciting experience, and there is nothing better than securing a great deal. So plan ahead, set out your budget and then hit those forecourts to find your next travel companion!

Photo by Herbythyme / CC BY-SA 4.0

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