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Top Tips for Your First Motorhome Weekend

Some people are brought into the world of motorhomes from a very young age, perhaps from family holidays or going away with friends. For others though, that very first weekend trip or two-day hire is extremely memorable and it can be the start of a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of motorhomes. However, if you want your first experience to be a good one, you should bear a few things in mind! Here are our top tips to remember if you’re a first-time motorhome driver.

Space is at a Premium

Unless you’re lucky enough to own a top-spec American RV, space is a valuable commodity in the motorhome world, and finding your own little part of it can be tough. All this means is you need to be respectful of others and hope that they respect you in turn – keep things clean, tidy and well organised and you should have no problems enjoying yourself.

Try Out the Kitchen

There aren’t many areas where a motorhome beats a five-star hotel, but one of them is the fact you can cook for yourself. Though it’s nice to eat out every so often, the possibilities for motorhome cooking are really something and you should at least try the experience. There’s not much better than some freshly caught fish or a homely fry-up out of your motorhome kitchen – it’s a brilliant combination of convenience and quality.

It Will Probably Rain

Any motorhome owner will tell you there’s just no point banking on sunshine, at some time during your first weekend away it’s very likely to rain! You should come prepared with a reasonable itinerary of indoor activities or, at the very least, a good book! It’s also worth putting in a waterproof coat and some sturdy shoes; rain doesn’t have to dampen an otherwise enjoyable weekend.

Parking can be Difficult

Even the most expert car drivers have trouble slotting a motorhome into a bay or pulling up on the roadside. Before pulling off, you should figure out how to use all the tools you have at your disposal and make sure you know how to put the motorhome in reverse – it varies considerably in each model! Take your time and remember that it’s about accuracy, not speed; a motorhome is much easier to control if it’s driven slowly.

Enjoy the Outdoors

To a great extent, camping is about enjoying the outdoors and you really should make the most of it if you’re in a motorhome for the weekend. You don’t have to be sat in the cold for twelve hours, but you should put on some wellies and explore the local area or enjoy an early evening barbecue. Part of the beauty of the motorhome owner’s lifestyle is that you have access to all the great British countryside so get out and enjoy it!

Take it for a Drive

If you’re hiring a motorhome, it’s a great opportunity to actually try out its features as if you were going to buy it. So many motorhome owners started out hiring and eventually plumped to buy after realising the costs of the upfront purchase and motorhome insurance make much more sense when compared to long term-hiring. You can treat your trip as a test-drive just in case you’re persuaded!

Ask for Advice

The best part of being a motorhome owner is that there’s an enormous community of fellow travellers who are all more than happy to help you out with motorhome tips and tricks. Before you go, ask around friends and family for any area tips and when you’re camping speak to those adjacent to you. Everyone will be happy to offer you advice on what to do for the day if you’re stuck!

Research Your Responsibilities

Camping is about having fun and enjoying yourself, but it also comes with the responsibility to look after the countryside, respect the locals and your fellow campers. If you’ve never camped before some of the things that are taken as etiquette by most seem a little strange, but once you’re there it makes sense. A quick Google search can help to get into your mind what’s good practice, and can save you embarrassment before you travel.

Your first motorhome weekend might not go quite as smoothly as you’d hope, but as long as you get a feel for what it’s like to enjoy a motorhome holiday you should worry – it all gets easier with practice!

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