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Travellers lose fight to get back their motorhome

The couple who launched a tented campsite protest outside the headquarters of a vehicle recovery company have had their hopes of getting back their motorhome squashed… literally.

The couple, Prajna Pranab and his partner known as Kazz, began their protest a couple of weeks ago after the Autolift recovery company seized their vehicle on the A53 acting on a request from the Vehicle Driver Licensing Agency (DVLA). The DVLA said the motorhome had not been taxed, and did not have a valid MOT certificate. It is unclear if the vehicle was covered by a current motorhome insurance policy. The couple, described by some as New Age Travellers set up a basic campsite on the grass outside the company and were aided in their campaign by friends who visited them and inundated the company with emails and letters.

The protest although still ongoing has not prevented the motorhome from being destroyed and the Autolift company who will no longer comment on the matter did say staff had been inundated by messages from the couple’s friends in an earlier statement. Kazz, who did a Politics Degree at a North West University, appealed to supporters, saying “I can understand that people would feel angry toward the staff there for their ignorant and seemingly stubborn involvement in this outrage. But do not be outraged and please do not vent any anger on anyone; that would undermine what we are setting out to do and would not represent the way we travel through life: in peaceful non-compliance. We would be most sad if those who care for us and care about us did not show that same kindness and understanding to others as they show us. We do not wish any harm on Autolift or, indeed, anybody. All we request is that they learn the human cost of their actions, and we are here reflecting that.”

All motor vehicle owners using the public highway in the UK should have a road tax certificate, a current MOT certificate if the vehicle is over three years in age, and a current motor insurance certificate.

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