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Travelling on Toll Roads

Something to factor in to the cost of any camping trip is the cost of using toll roads. Some countries, particularly in France and on the continent, use toll roads instead of a flat car tax to ensure that people pay for the usage of specific roads which cost a lot to maintain. With a little bit of planning, however, you might be able to avoid the cost of toll roads and save yourself a bit of money.

Identifying toll roads

It varies from country to country which roads you’ll have to pay for but normally they will be large highways or motorways which can facilitate toll points. The Severn bridge in the UK is one example – it’s only a small stretch of road but is particularly difficult to maintain and so users are charged per use. On the continent it tends to be ‘A’ roads and ‘N’ roads which are charged but it does vary so check before you go.

Paying for and avoiding tolls

Some tolls charge motorhome users more than ordinary cars, so take this into account when travelling. Don’t assume the advertised price is the full story. Equally, taking smaller roads or less well known routes can help you avoid tolls but always bear in mind the cost of fuel. If you’re doing extra, less efficient driving to get round a toll then you might not actually be saving yourself any money!

Using a satnav

If your satnav has an ‘avoid toll roads’ setting do check it out before you go. Too many times motorhome owners have got stuck down roads which they just shouldn’t have been travelling. Maps on the Continent aren’t always accurate so don’t trust your satnav blindly! Your motorhome insurance might not cover you for any damages if you have properly assessed your route.

Toll roads are a real cost and can be particularly expensive so might be best avoided, but sometimes’ there’s just no other option. There’s no substitute for a good bit of research so plan ahead and enjoy your trip.

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