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Travelling with Barbeques

It’s an idyllic scene – a beach with the sun setting over the water, your campervan parked up on the hill and a few mackerel sizzling on the barbeque. It might feel a long way away on a Thursday afternoon in March, but travelling with a barbeque in tow can really make a simple trip a lot more exciting and it really is easy to do!

Travel Barbeques

If you’re a frequent camper, you’ll definitely want to avoid the disposable barbeque – the silver tray with a few charcoals inside. Firstly, they never burn for long enough to safely cook any food and secondly they’re very unfriendly to the environment. A small, foldable, metal barbeque will do the job much better, but you will need to buy charcoals and kindling or firelighters separately.

Barbeques and the Law

Some campsites are perfectly happy for you to have barbeques on site during reasonable hours, so long as you use bricks and are respectful of the surroundings, but some will ban it outright and the same is true for beaches. You should respect bans on barbeques in these areas at all times and be sure to never light a fire in a dry wooded area – forest fires are lethal and often started by some unwary camper.

Safe Cooking

Cooking on coals is a little risky as they get much hotter than your oven or hob will at home. Sausages that look burnt on the outside may not have quite cooked on the inside so always cook with fully defrosted meats. If you’re at all unsure, it’s best to stick to beef or fish which, if fresh, carry a much lower risk. You should also make sure you cook well away from any canvas and keep your motorhome insurance details handy just in case an accident does happen.

A barbeque is more than a way of just cooking, it’s a way of preparing and sharing food with friends that’s fun and a little bit novel. Coals are a fire hazard and you should be mindful of your safety and do respect the rules on different sites – they will be in force for a reason.

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