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Try Before You Buy


Choosing the right motorhome is a massive decision and if you’re looking to spend twenty or thirty thousand pounds on a new motorhome then you need to make sure you get it right – it’s not like you can get a receipt and an exchange if you don’t like it. However, the Camping and Caravanning Club (The Friendly Club) have launched a new try before you buy policy.

How does it work?

The privilege hire scheme, which the Club offers, allows you to take out a number of different motorhomes with a view to eventually buying something. There’s no better way to get a feel for a motorhome than to actually try it out for a day or two – you can get a very good idea of what to expect on a longer trip. When you’ve tried out a few models you are free to make a purchase or to walk away.

Getting the most out of a test

When trying out a motorhome you need to be rigorous and you need to make use of all the features you would use if you owned it. You don’t need to extensively test everything but you do need to get a feel for important aspects. Space, feel and driveability should all be fairly intuitive but make sure you look for things like added storage space, a good kitchen layout and the comfort of the beds!

Costing it out

One of the things that makes motorhome purchases so hard is that there is a big price range between bottom of the range and top of the range models. It’s tricky to know what an extra thousand pounds will buy you and, of course, you want to get value for money for every penny you spend. Make sure you include the cost of motorhome insurance to your final purchase price – different types of vehicle may command different premiums.

The scheme should be a great way of taking the risk out of a big purchase so if you’re thinking of a big buy this summer then take advantage!

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