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UK Caravan Parks under Threat

Before heading off on a campervan or motorhome journey, owners generally do some research into local areas to find out how motorhome-friendly they are, especially when it comes to providing facilities for them to camp at overnight. Unfortunately, if your motorhome is parked in an illegal area you may find that your vehicle is ticketed or even towed, and even motorhome insurance providers can’t help if you parked in a restricted area.

This is why many motorhome owners will be frustrated to hear that numerous caravan sites in the UK are now under threat from local councils. Some are just trying to be practical and are concerned for the safety of holiday makers, such as the Lyme Regis Town Council, who may have to decline a planning application that allows motorhome owners to carry on using Monmouth Beach due to the fact that it has recently been subjected to landslides. Owners of chalets that are based on the beach have already experienced first-hand the hazards the landslides can cause, which is why the council area debating renewing the planning permission for the site this July.

Many members of the council, such as deputy town clerk John Wright, are trying to prevent the caravan site’s closure, especially as it will mean the council will lose as much as £157,000 in yearly profits. Discussing the site, Mr Wright said: “Health and safety has been the most paramount aspect for us and we have been in constant contact with the chalet owners affected. There is also financial impact for this council. If the council was to lose the whole site we would lose £157,000 and if you included the other areas of day huts it would be considerably more.”

Meanwhile, a caravan site owner in Holywell has been arguing with the local council as to whether the extension of his caravan park is legal, as the owner, Mr Peter Barlow, claims that he has planning permission, while the council claims that they are yet to make a decision. A spokesman from the Flintshire County Council said: “Given that there is currently a planning application for the work under construction, the developers have been advised to stop work and to discuss any issues they may have with the case officer.”

However, Mr Barlow disagreed with the council’s decision and said: “Permission was granted in February last year by the planning committee, we’ve just been waiting for the council to issue the documentation. We’re in the tourism business and the season starts in March, we’ve got to get ready in the close season. I can’t wait until the documentation is in my hand.”

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