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Watertight Technology Moves Forward


Elddis, the British based motorhome manufacturer, have been hitting headlines over the last few weeks with the development of their ‘SoLiD’ technology: that’s not a typo, that stands for strong, light and dry. This technology aims to completely waterproof a motorhome from the outside for as long as 10 years and this is news which will come only as good news to consumers and motorhome insurance providers alike.

How does it work?

The main leakage points for motorhomes are around joints which, traditionally, are affixed with screws. Even the slightest gap between a screw and its thread can cause water to leak through which damages the joint and, ultimately, means a leak. Elddis’ technology, developed in conjunction with Henkel, one of the world’s leading adhesive manufacturers, uses a specially designed bonding agent instead of screws.

The Costs of Water Damage

The reason why this technology is such great news for motorhome insurance providers is that the costs of water damage can be astronomical. Whereas the damage caused by mechanical failure can be relatively self-contained, water damage can spread and affect not just the shell of the motorhome but also personal items which, sometimes, are beyond replacement.

An Expensive Solution?

The one thing that may put some motorhome buyers off these technologies is that they do cost. However, as such a solution becomes more common and adapted by new manufacturers, the prices will start to drop off. However, with a ten year guarantee, you’re not likely to be sold short if you do decide to fork out.

Small changes to manufacturing process can make massive differences to the function and operation of your motorhome, so it’s really worth investigating what sorts of technology are out there before you buy.

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