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Winter driving campaign aims to save lives

One of the foremost road safety charities in the UK launches its winter driving campaign this week and holders of motorhome insurance policies will be amongst those the campaign looks to reach.

Although motorhomes and campervans are associated with leisure driving and spring and summer holidays, thousands of mobile home owners never move their vehicles off their drive until autumn approaches. Touring in autumn and winter often means a traveller finds himself with more time and space to enjoy the places he visits and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Winter Driving Campaign is aimed at such drivers as well as those who mostly go out in adverse conditions because of their job.

IAM Chief Executive, Simon Best, introduced the campaign by saying “The first thing you need to ask when the weather is bad is whether you need to travel, and if so, if there are alternatives to the roads. When you are on the road, be prepared to slow down and take extra care, particularly on bends and roads which are open to the elements. Our winter driving campaign will provide comprehensive advice and guidance for those who do decide to travel, keeping them as safe as possible.”

IAM will be publishing weekly news releases throughout the winter advising drivers of conditions in various parts of the country and how best to cope with them when out driving. The campaign is also complemented by a website which will give weather updates, weather forecasts and information on road closures etc. The advice should help drivers cope with the demands winter weather places on the motorist, and statistics prove that winter conditions i.e. snow, sleet, rain and fog was the cause of over 1,700 accidents in the UK last year.

Motorhome owners should also consider using winter tyres in the next few weeks. It is commonplace on the continent and drivers in the UK are also slowly coming round to the fact that safety can be improved tremendously just by driving with the correct type of tyres for the conditions.

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