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Your campervan’s emissions – latest news

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It is no secret that there have been a few scandals over the past few months regarding car manufacturers emissions software. The main scandal has been about Volkswagen however these are not the only manufacturers that have been affected. Manufacturers including Audi, Skoda, Seat and also VW commercial vehicles may have been involved too.
With three of their vehicles in the top 10 list of best sellers, most people would be forgiven for thinking that Volkswagen had no problems whatsoever; however, as you will have recently heard, the company is facing a $18billion bill after they were caught fixing their emissions tests.

It’s thought that there are around 11million VW vehicles worldwide fitted with software capable of cheating emissions tests. So far, it has been confirmed that 1.8 million commercial vehicles are fitted with this software, which means that thousands of campervan owners here in the UK could be affected.

If you own a diesel powered VW campervan and are concerned over what this means for you, then here is some more information about the situation:

How can you fix emission results?

These days almost every vehicle, including campervans, has an on-board computer fitted that is used by testers and mechanics to analyse the performance of the vehicle. The problem is that software can often be manipulated and skewed to change test results. You can set up the software to run and provide incorrect results during tests, showing the emissions given off are not as high as they really are!

Have you been affected?

As it’s been confirmed that 1.8million Volkswagen vans have been fitted with this software there is a chance your campervan could be affected, however at this moment in time there are no plans to recall the vehicles. Customers who may have affected models will be contacted at some point however this date hasn’t been confirmed.

Any models with EA 189 diesel engines that are built between 2009 and 2015 may have been infected including:

• 5 million VW cars
• 1.2 million Audis
• 1.2 million Skodas
• 700, 000 Seats
• 1.8 million VW commercial vehicles

Millions of people have been affected by this software cheat which has cost car manufacturers billions of pounds (and counting). It also looks like things are only going to get worse for the companies as these are trusted brands that sell millions of cars in countries across the globe.

What if my campervan is affected?

Owners of vans, cars and campervans made by these brands are naturally concerned that this news could increase the cost of their road tax once the true emissions levels have been revealed, however there has been no news on whether this will be the case as of yet. Other owners are concerned that this may have an effect on their campervans insurance premiums, which is why it’s always best to check with your provider.

The future

The car manufacturers involved will inevitably face a time of uncertainty and some of their share prices have plummeted. VW faces a fine of around $18 billion which doesn’t include the money they will have to pay removing the software from 11million vehicles s Compensation may also have to be paid to anyone affected by this . In the long term, sales of these cars, vans and campervans has the potential to decrease. It will certainly take a while for the companies to make back the billions that they have had to pay to solve this situation.

If you own a campervan or other vehicle then it may be an idea to give the manufacturer a call to ask whether you have been affected, however they may not be able to give you an answer yet so unfortunately, it may just be a waiting game.

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