SSL Conversions Campervan Insurance

Comfort can help you get the right campervan insurance for your SSL Conversions campervan.

By choosing specialist campervan insurance, you’ll know that you and your vehicle are comprehensively covered.

Each motorhome policy comes with the following benefits:

  • Up to £5,000 personal effects cover
  • European cover (including free Green Card)
  • Gas and Explosion cover
  • Accident and Recovery Cover
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Optional UK and European Breakdown

We’ve been providing specialist campervan insurance for over 30 years. Our team of friendly insurance experts are here to answer any insurance related questions you may have and to help you arrange your cover - simply call us on 0208 9840 666.

More about SSL Conversions

SSL Conversions is a bespoke campervan conversion company based in Hampshire, that convert Scandinavian-style campervans. Company owner and van life enthusiast, Liam Allen has 20 years’ experience in the coach built motorhome sector and has been making in-house conversions since 2015. Allen and his team of professionals also do campervan window fitting, gas and electrical installations, campervan water systems, etc.

As well as building bespoke campers, SSL Conversions also has a range of four campervan models: The Alfresco and Alfresco S, the Aqua S and Aqua XL. All campers in the range seat 3 people, although customers may request up to 5 belted seats if this better fits their requirements. The Alfresco is based on an L3H2 vehicle type and the Aqua is built on the L4H2, making it a larger campervan than the Alfresco.

The Alfresco S was brought out in 2020 to cater to customers who want a shower unit in their camper, as the Alfresco doesn’t have this feature. The Aqua models however, both include a good sized shower (70cm x 75cm – Aqua S, or 100cm x 70cm – Aqua XL). The Aqua models also have a table top that rests between two seats – this can be turned into an additional bed for a child or a small adult. The space below this provides extra storage space and is therefore perfect for longer trips.

The main features of all SSL Conversions campervan models is the inclusion of two side windows and roof vents for good light and ventilation. The interior layout means the bed is placed near the rear doors, leaving optimum room for the living space. The dining space is placed opposite the side sliding door, allowing for perfect views from the living space.

All four conversions are fully customisable in terms of style and colour, with different options available for interior such as cushions, blinds, curtains, cupboards, flooring, handles, shower walls and many more.

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