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Comfort Insurance provides bespoke caravan insurance built to suit the camping & caravanning lifestyle. Specialist cover starts as low as £87 - just click the button below to get a quick online quote in just a few minutes.


Comfort has enjoyed a long relationship with Aviva in the leisure industry and we are now pleased to offer our Caravan product. To give our customers brand choice we can also offer Amtrust ltd caravan product. We hope to give our customers the best choice of insurance within the caravanning community.

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Our Caravan Insurance covers...

Comfort Insurance personal effects cover

Tailored personal effects cover

Ensure your personal belongings and any valuables or equipment are covered against theft, loss or damage under our bespoke caravan insurance policy.*

Comfort Insurance 365 Days EU Cover

182 days EU Travel as standard

Explore your favourite parts of Europe, safe in the knowledge that our comprehensive caravan insurance covers you for up to half a year.

Comfort Insurance Windscreen & Window Cover

Unlimited glass & window cover

In case of any breakages, all the windows on your caravan are covered in partnership with Autoglass® Specials division, giving you a quick & professional repair service.

The Best Caravan Insurance for your Lifestyle

Get a caravan insurance quote from Comfort today.

Having the right insurance will give you peace of mind ahead of your next trip, and allow you to enjoy yourself wherever you go.

You’re guaranteed a great price and, more importantly, an exceptional level of cover.

In case of an accident, we will:

  • Arrange for the caravan to be removed from the scene, and taken to an approved repairer
  • Have the caravan re-delivered to your home once its fixed
  • Provide accommodation if the accident interferes with your holiday*

*Minimum £150 per day for up to 15 days

Don’t take the risk of travelling without caravan insurance.

Call us today on 0800 0884 157 and we’ll advise you on the best way to get covered.

Or, you can get a caravan insurance quote from us online.

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Why buy Caravan Insurance from Comfort?

Comfort have been providing Insurance to the Camping and leisure Industry for the last 25 years. We are experts in our field and for 10 out of the last 11 years we have won What motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year award.

All of our staff have an excellent knowledge of caravans, motorhomes and campervans – and love using their experience to help you get the best deal on your caravan insurance.

When using Comfort you can rest assured that we will know the best insurance policy for you and give you our best price first time.

Our caravan insurance will cover you in almost any situation, including:

  • Fire, Explosion, Lightening and Earthquake
  • Storm or Flood Damage
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Acts or Vandalism
  • Theft or Attempted Theft

For more details, simply give us a call on 0800 0844 157.

When you buy caravan insurance online, make sure your caravan has adequate insurance, because the first thing you need to be aware of is that car insurance covers trailers; however only specialist Caravan insurance will provide the cover you need for both the caravan and its contents. Therefore you need to find specific caravan insurance. You are then met with the daunting task of researching caravan policies and comparing caravan insurance quotes to find the most competitive. The level of cover provided must be looked at in depth before committing to a policy.

The details that matter

It is essential that you read the full details to find our what your caravan insurance cover includes. Ensuring that that your caravan will be recovered from the side of the road, in the middle of the night after it being damaged should be the make or break criteria for any policy as this is the cover you will most likely benefit from. Consider all likely eventualities and then look for the most comprehensive cover ensuring fire, floods, accidents and theft are all priorities of the caravan insurance policy.

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Did you know...


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Guide to Caravan Insurance

With Comfort Insurance, you can get online caravan insurance quotes for touring caravans.

In contrast to static caravans, a touring caravan can be taken anywhere you wish – provided you have a vehicle to tow it.

Touring caravan insurance is vital for many reasons – and it’s important to bear in mind the risks associated when travelling without adequate caravan insurance. Getting the right policy will give you peace of mind ahead of your next trip, so you can relax and enjoy your travels as intended.

At Comfort, we’ve been providing insurance within the camping and leisure sector for the last 25 years – not to mention we’ve been recognised as What Motorhome insurance provider of the year for 10 of the last 11 years.

You can count on us to get you the most competitive deal to suit your personal circumstances, so come and get a fast and immediate caravan insurance quote from Comfort Insurance today.


What Does Caravan Insurance Cover?

You can expect an extensive policy for touring caravan insurance cover to include a number of benefits.

With Comfort Insurance, you can get fast and immediate quotes for touring caravan insurance policies that can cover you in almost any situation. This includes, accidental damage, storm, flood, fire, explosion, lightning and earthquake damage – as well as vandalism and theft.

You can also expect to be covered for tailored personal effects, a set number of days covered within the EU, and cover for glass and windows.

The specific benefits you can expect to find within a Comfort touring caravan policy include:

  • 182 days EU cover.
  • Contents cover up to £3000 (Single Item Limit- 25% of sum insured).
  • Caravan public liability insurance - £2M.
  • New for Old for 5 Years.
  • 15 Days loss of Use Cover- £150min/day.
  • Fire, theft, storm, flood, vandalism and accidental damage cover.
  • Emergency removal.
  • Friends and family allowed to use the caravan.

As mentioned above, in the event of any accident involving your caravan – we can arrange for it to be removed from the scene and taken to an approved repairer. Once the caravan is fixed, we can have it delivered to your home. In addition to this, should the accident interfere with your holiday in any way – we can cover your costs for accommodation elsewhere (minimum £150 per day for up to 15 days).


How Much Does Caravan Insurance Cost?

Touring caravan insurance cost varies depending on a number of different factors.

These are usually things that influence the likelihood of your caravan being stolen or damaged – and therefore the cost of caravan insurance for that particular vehicle will depend on how secure and how valuable your caravan is.

In order to get a quote for caravan insurance from Comfort, you will need to enter a number of details about your tourer including:

  • Where the caravan is kept and its overnight location (at home, permanently sited, or in a storage facility).
  • Caravan make and year of make.
  • Whether it has a fitted tracker or alarm.
  • The value of your caravan.
  • The contents value.
  • Equipment and awning value (if applicable).
  • Any security devices (if applicable).

These details will influence the quote you get. However, with Comfort – caravan insurance typically costs around £87 for the lowest possible premium, ranging up to the region of around £450 for caravans of a high value.

When shopping around, you should always consider the level of cover over getting the cheapest possible deal. It is always advised to ensure that you’re as protected as you possibly can be – even if it costs a little more to do so.


Do I Need Caravan Insurance (And Is It a Legal Requirement)?

Although touring caravan insurance is highly advised – it’s neither compulsory, nor is it even a legal requirement to take out a policy.

If you drive a car, and therefore have compulsory motor insurance – it’s important to bear in mind that your caravan will most likely not be covered on that policy, and therefore, you will need to purchase a separate specialist caravan insurance policy. Otherwise, if anything happened to it, the caravan could be at a total loss with no way to claim for it.

Caravan insurance for tourers is important as it could save you an awful lot of money is anything unexpected were to happen. You need to consider all the possible eventualities that may arise, however likely or unlikely, and understand how getting the necessary touring caravan cover is an essential aspect of owning a tourer and enjoying any trip you embark on.


Do I need to provide a CRIS number?

Yes at inception of the policy, you will need the Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRIS) number. For caravans pre 1992 a serial, vin or chassis number must be provided.


Getting Cheaper Caravan Insurance

There are a number of things to bear in mind if you want to ensure you get the best, yet cheapest possible caravan insurance for your tourer.

For instance, keeping your caravan locked away in storage may be a cost-effective suggestion with regards to keeping your premium low. Even investing in hitch locks or wheel locks to enhance security could keep the insurance cost to a minimum. Some providers may only agree to insure you on the basis of you taking the adequate security measures.

Reducing the cost of your premium may also involve investment in alarms and trackers, additional security Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRIS) identification kits and anti-snake devices.

These things may cost money in the short-term, but they can be very beneficial in the long-term as cost-effective investments that can keep your caravan insurance cheap.

There are also a wide variety of caravan club sites where you may find details about discounts for members should you choose to join one.


Best Caravan Insurance Deals

The best caravan insurance deals out there arguably give you the most extensive coverage for the best possible value.

As mentioned above, you should always consider the level cover over getting a cheap deal. There are a number of cheap deals out there on various different price comparison websites – but more often than not, they might not include the same policy benefits or level of cover required to keep you protected across the board.

It’s important to read the full details to find out what your prospective caravan insurance policy includes before you purchase. Ensuring that basic roadside recovery is included is especially important as this is arguably the main thing you’d benefit from.

At Comfort, we don’t increase the price of our policies just to lower them with discounts. You can find a range of caravan insurance policies offering comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. Our policies are tailored to suit the needs of touring caravan owners, so you can be sure to find something that works for your individual situation.

We’re especially competitive when it comes to providing cover for new, higher-value caravans. When you purchase a policy through us, it’s also worth bearing in mind that you might not necessarily need legal cover as it may well be provided in your home insurance policy (if applicable).


Why You’ll Never Need to Compare Prices with Comfort

With Comfort, you’re as covered in the EU nations as you are in the UK. That means you can travel far and wide without needing to worry about how protected you are should something unfortunate or unexpected happen.

We tailor our award-winning policies to each caravan owner, so there’s no need to compare caravan insurance quotes online elsewhere when we can meet your exact needs.

Because we specialise in caravan insurance (as well as motorhome and campervan insurance), we fully believe that our expertise makes us the most reliable choice out there for touring caravan owners looking to get covered.

Our cover is extensive and our prices are very competitive for all levels of caravan insurance, so why not get a quote for touring caravan insurance today?

* Personal belongings are covered in subject to the policy Terms and Conditions which can be found in the attached policy booklet.