Yellow Motorhome Delamination

What is Delamination and What Can I do About it?

A common problem for people with campervans, motorhomes and caravans is something called delamination.

You probably know it as “spongy floor” or “why is my carpet making a noise?”

To give the technical explanation, delamination is when some of the glue holding the different layers of the floor together starts to wear off.

Floors typically comprise of three layers – with flooring plywood on top and external floor plywood on the bottom separated by a layer of Styrofoam insulation.

A special glue holds them all together, but over time, it gets weaker and begins to separate.

You’ll notice it happens in areas you typically stand on more than others, but it can spread if you don’t deal with the issue.

How do I fix delamination in my campervan?

You have two choices – hire a professional, or get your tools out and prepare for a little DIY.

Hiring someone will probably set you back about £60 – £150, depending on how serious the problem is.

But if you fancy a challenge, then here is what you need to do:

  1. Remove the carpet (don’t worry, you’ll be putting it back later).
  2. Drill holes into the affected areas, approximately 10cm x 10cm in size. The holes need to go through the top layer of plywood, and right through the Styrofoam insulation. But NOT through the exterior layer of plywood.
  3. Fill the holes with a special adhesive. If you Google ‘delamination repair kit’, you should find a few solutions on Amazon or EBay. It’s typically a gluey substance that hardens once you’ve used it, creating a sturdy support structure.
  4. You need wooden dowels that are exactly the same shape and size of the holes you’ve created (in terms of depth and width). Insert them into the holes, after the adhesive, so they fit perfectly.
  5. Clean up any excess glue that may have spilled out. Then, refit the carpet, and you’re done.

After that, you’re floor will be as good as new. In fact it will be better, as the wooden dowels will provide it with additional reinforcement.

If you’ve found that you do have a problem with delamination, then we’d highly recommend getting it sorted as soon as possible.

Leaving it will only weaken the glue even more, and it will become an even bigger job.

Sort it now and put your mind at ease.

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