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What are Tyron Bands and Why Does My Caravan Need One?

Tyron bands are a safety device that can be attached to the wheels of your caravan, campervan or motorhome.

You’ve probably been told all about different safety-related products that can protect you from harm, and have begun to get a little sceptical.

So allow us to explain, in detail, what Tyron Bands are, and why you should consider investing in one.

How do Tyron Bands work and Why do you need them?

A Tyron Band will hold the wheel together, in the event of a puncture/blowout, for long enough so you can get the vehicle to safety.

If you’re driving down the motorway and something happens, then the Tyron Band will allow you to steer and brake as necessary for another five miles.

This gives you plenty of time to pull over and stop the vehicle somewhere safe, before calling for assistance.

The actual band itself works by locking the tyre onto the wheel, preventing the wheel itself from hitting the road, and causing damage that could cost thousands to repair.

So really they’re a preventative measure that, unfortunately, most people don’t appear to think they need.

That is, until they get a puncture.

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How can I get Tyron Bands?

First of all, check to see if your vehicle already has Tyron Bands (if it’s second-hand, it might do).

If it does, there will be a sticker placed next to the valve on the wheel, and you don’t need to do anything else.

Otherwise, you need to get them fitted.

A good tyre fitter will be able to do this for you. Many can be found on the official Tyron website here.

The Tyron device itself is bespoke to the wheel it is fitted to – and the person doing the fitting will be able to ensure it is the correct size.

If an incident were to occur, and a tyre needs to be repaired (or replaced), then the Tyron Band needs to come off. This can be done with a ‘Customer Repair Kit’, which costs about £8.

You can also buy a ‘Portable Fitting Machine’ for around £76.50, which should be kept with the vehicle at all times, and will help tyre fitters put the Band back on again.

The manufacturer of the Tyron Band advises that the item is not designed for DIY fitting.

How much does it cost?

This really depends on the type of vehicle you own.

According to the Tyron website, a four-wheel motorhome fitting costs £300 for all four wheels. And another £70 for any extras (for your spare tyre, perhaps).

For a six-wheel motorhome, it costs £420 for all six wheels. And again, an additional £70 for any spares.

A caravan, on the other hand, with just two wheels will cost £160.

Please note these prices are based on what is stated on the official Tyron website, and may be subject to change depending on the person doing the fitting.

As you can see, these prices are very reasonable. Compared to the amount you could be shelling out if an accident happens (potentially thousands of pounds), it’s not a lot really.

And well worth it, we’d say.

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