Bailey Motorhomes Insurance

Whichever Bailey motorhome you have, or are looking to buy, you can get it insured with Comfort Insurance.

We’ll offer you an amazing deal that will give you peace of mind throughout the duration of your policy.

Our policies come with the following benefits:

  • £5,000 personal effects
  • 9 months EU cover - In a single trip or multiple visits
  • Gas and Explosion cover
  • Accident and Recovery Cover
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • UK and European Breakdown

Comfort Insurance is a specialist insurer for motorhomes.

To find out more about our motorhome insurance, all you have to do is give us a call on 0800 0304 206. We’ll take your details, and then begin preparing the policy that is going to cover your motorhome.

More about Bailey Motorhomes

Bailey of Bristol is one of the oldest leisure vehicle manufacturers in the UK.

It boasts over 65 years of making caravans that have been enjoyed by thousands across the country.

And just a few years ago they branched out into building motorhomes. So far, they’ve been incredibly successful.

There are two Bailey motorhome series available on the market.

Here, we’re going to talk a little bit about each one…

The Autograph

The Bailey’s Autograph series is incredibly luxurious.

It features a beautiful design – inside and out – and lots of space to create a comfortable living environment.

If you had to spend the rest of your life living in one of these vehicles, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

There are a number of different models within the Autograph series.

They’re all pretty similar, but have slightly different shapes and sizes.

Vehicles with up to six travelling seats are available.

The Approach Advance

The other motorhome series to be launched by Bailey was the Approach Advance.

It’s a little bit smaller, and therefore less expensive than the Autograph series.

But it still features a whole range of features, which are sure to offer you an incredible experience – wherever you decide to travel.

The largest model in the series, the Advance 665, can accommodate six people, and the smallest just two.

Prices begin at £40,470, and go up to £42,569.

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