Bessacarr Motorhomes

Bessacarr Motorhomes, from the same stable as Swift; offered as entry level vehicles for the budding enthusiast, Bessacarr motorhomes are beautifully designed using modern technology, with contemporaryinteriors and solid construction made from durable materials.

If you are new to motorhoming then you will discover a whole new world awaiting you. If you’ve already been motorhoming in your Bessacarr for many years, then you will already be well aware of it’s comforts, not to mention the charm of the open road. Whether you plan on travelling to Europe, or just want to get to know our own Island a bit better your Bessacarr will be the vehicle to take you.

Insuring your Bessacarr Motorhome

Insurance is unlikely to be top of your list of favourite things to ‘sort out’ before you set off on the open road, but it is essential. The right motorhome insurance for your vehicle, travel destination and the length of your stay away is vital, as if the unfortunate happens and you need to make a claim then you need to be sure that you are covered.

Comfort Insurance specilise in insurance for motorhomes. Our experts know motorhomes, and the kind of lifestyle that you, a motorhomer lives. We will make sure that you are covered for everything that you need, and keep our prices as low as possible, whilst also offering great service. We have won many awards for both our customer service and, most importantly our product.

So, whether you are new to motorhoming or have been enjoying the open road for years, when it comes to insuring your Bessacarr look no further than Comfort Insurance. We will look after you.

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Why us...

aviva_logoComfort Insurance has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Aviva and many of our products are jointly developed with the UK’s largest insurer. We are committed to ensuring you get the right cover for you and your motorhoming lifestyle.

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  • We are extremely proud to announce that for the 10th time in 11 years Comfort Insurance has been named Motorhome Insurance provider of the Year!

  • Which Motorhome Insurance Provider 2015Comfort Insurance are Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year for the 5th year in a row!

  • Untitled-2Comfort Insurance are honoured to have done it again! For the 4th year in a row we are winners of Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year.

  • motorhome-award-winner-2013

    Comfort Insurance are the proud winners of theWhich Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year 2013 with a fantastic10 / 10 rating for our service.
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    Comfort Insurance are ecstatic to be the Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year 2012.

  • motorhome-award-winner-2011

    We are the delighted winners of the Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year 2011.

  • motorhome-award-winner-2009

    Award Image: Comfort Insurance are the Which Motorcaravan Insurance Provider of the Year 2009.

  • motorhome-award-clearest-paperwork-2008

    Our policies are easy to understand. We are the Which Motorcaravan Clearest Paperwork 2008 winners.

  • motorhome-award-best_package-2007

    Comfort Insurance won the Motor Caravan Best Package 2007 Award.

  • motorhome-award-winner-2007We are the Which Motorcaravan Insurance Provider of the Year 2007 Winners.

  • motorhome-award-winner-2006Comfort Insurance won the Motor Caravan Insurance Provider of the year 2006.

Ten Time Winners...

InsuranceLogo2-300x283Comfort Insurance is delighted to announce for the 10th time in 11 years we have won the prestigious award that recognises outstanding product and service in our industry.

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