We will aspire to become a net zero company by 2040 and have a net zero operation supply by 2030. Working alongside our key partner Aviva and mirroring their ambitions and targets.

Comfort Sustainability Ambition:

  • To be able to support and help grow the leisure industry for today and tomorrow and for future generation
  • What does the future look like with the carbon footprint
  • By 2040 we want to achieve carbon neutral working alongside our key Partner Aviva
  • ESG Economic Social Governance
  • Stakeholder engagement

Managing Risk:

  • We have chosen to accept risks inherent to our business and the wider leisure community to ensure our future further afield and the leisure future in the UK

Supply Chain:

  • We work hard to make sure our Supply Chain and key Partners are responsible and sustainable. We are working on a Code of Conduct and Behaviour, not only with our Supply Chain but the wider leisure industry. We will continue to engage them around sustainability issues and time. We hope to help influence our Supply Chain and the wider community around the big issues like climate change

Climate Change:

  • Talks with local workers that can use public transport
  • Reusing furniture or equipment rather than new
  • Only using air conditioning for heating and cooling sources
  • Reducing our paper output by using means of electronic communications and reverting to double sided black and white printing.
  • Move all key infrastructure to cloud based hosted solutions
  • Shut down any unused areas of the building.
  • All lighting infrastructure changed to LED with moving sensors.
  • All desk top policies to include turning off electronic devices when leaving for the day.
  • Exploring the options of obtaining 75% self sufficiency energy generation by means of solar, battery and wind

Good Innovation:

  • A questionnaire on what our customers think about sustainability