The Right Tyres

On a motorhome or campervan, your tyres are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. As the only part which, in normal use, have any contact with the road, the age, grip, tread and size of your tyres all have a vast impact upon your vehicle. Most people don’t think about tyres until they need to replace them, but assessing what you currently have and updating them early might greatly improve the quality of your ride and the quality of your holiday.

Wheel Size and Tyre Size

Motorhomes tend to be fitted with large, stock wheels that will require a specific tyre and, normally, the stock wheels have been designed for proper stability and comfort – they’re best left on and matched with a tyre. However, some vintage campervans have smaller wheels and it is possible to go larger if you have the distance between your wheel arch and axle. A larger wheel will improve stability but might detriment efficiency.

Proper Tyre Treads

There is no ‘right’ tyre for any motorhome – it is all dependent on condition. Most tyres fitted to motorhomes are all-weather and solid performers in a number of different conditions. If you think you’ll be doing a good deal of off road driving, though, or perhaps driving in snow, you might want to pick up tyres which reflect the extra grip you need. Remember that your motorhome insurance policy might not offer you protection if you’re on the wrong tyres in rough conditions.

Spare Tyres

Keeping a spare tyre is key for a swift repair and even though they’re bulky and take up room, they are an essential. Don’t assume that the spares mounted on the rear door of your vintage VW will fit or will be in roadworthy condition – tyres get eaten away with age and might be unsuitable for anything more than decoration!

There are so many varieties of tyre to choose from but it’s good to keep your choices consistent and whatever you do to one wheel you should do to all of them. Never settle for the first price you find and don’t be afraid to experiment – each tyre will give your motorhome a different feel so it’s about finding something right for you.