Campervan Driving

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In this section, you’ll find some useful information and guidance to help you get the most from your campervan and to keep you and your vehicle safe. Read on and find out more about campervan driving…

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Campervan Hire Insurance – How to Share or Rent out your Campervan

Do you have a campervan that’s been sitting on the drive for a while? Maybe you’re not able to use it as much as you would like and it’s been kept away in storage for a few months. Or maybe you’re thinking about buying your dream campervan that you might not otherwise be able to…
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vehicles on the road

What are your Pet Hates on the Road?

As much as we hate to admit it, things don’t always go smoothly every time a motorhome or campervan owner heads out onto the road. Unfortunately, as motorhomes and campervans are larger than your average vehicle they have to put up with a lot more hassle, especially from inconsiderate road users. So here at Comfort…
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motorway on the road

Motorway Miles for Motorhome Owners

Motorways make up a huge amount of the driving that the everyday motorhome owner does and in the UK, even some of the worse A-roads can be variable and unsuitable for heavier vehicles. However, motorway driving is given almost no attention in the UK driving theory and practical tests and very little at all in…
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EU Flag

EU Passes Changes to Motorhome Licensing Laws

As you may well be aware, there have been concerns in the motorhome industry for some time about motorhome licensing laws for those driving heavy vehicles. Currently, if you want to drive a motorhome that weighs between 3,500kg and 7,500kg, known as a ‘medium-sized vehicle’, you need a C1 license. For many, their C1 license…
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fields and mountains

Alpine Driving for Motorhome Owners

Britain is known for tough winters and tricky driving conditions, but it’s when things get high that motorhome driving really becomes tough. That doesn’t stop the hordes of motorhome and campervan drivers who descend on the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites every year however, and despite the difficult driving the mountains remain a firm favourite destination…
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driving at night

Night Driving for Motorhome Owners

A lot of motorhome drivers don’t enjoy driving and night, and very often it’s with good reason! Driving at night is a difficult, tiring and often challenging experience and if you’re able to drive during daylight hours it’s far better. However, there are many occasions when it’s simply more convenient to drive at night, as…
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