Campervan Self-Building for Less

It’s well known that top of the range campervans can cost up to £100,000 and beyond, but you might have spotted a new book hit the shelves last week called Build Your Own Dream Camper Van for Less than £1000. The author, Matthew Ball, gives tips on how to choose, build and finish your dream vehicle for less than a grand and it should certainly be an interesting read for all those looking to undertake a conversion in the next few years. So, in the spirit of cost-effective building, here are a few tips on where to save when converting a van…

Start with the Right Van

Simply put, the better condition your van is in, the cheaper any repairs will be. The key, however, is to find the right balance between a van that needs some work doing relative to its price. You’ll want to shop around and check out the places where you’ll find a real bargain: scouring a few salvage yards can really pay dividends.

Spend on a Good Toolkit

The right set of tools will really help you when it comes to fiddly welding or difficult installations of parts. In fact, it’s easy to damage expensive parts or to install them incorrectly if you don’t have the right tools. Make sure you’re well set up to fit parts properly first time round: damages can be very expensive and you’re unlikely to be able to claim costs on your campervan insurance.

Get to know Suppliers

One thing that will really help is if you build a relationship with your parts supplier or the local garage. Talk to them about the sort of project you’re undertaking and ask whether they’d be able to help with any specific requirements. There’s usually a good deal to be had from repeat custom and your local workmen should be more than happy to offer their expertise to a good customer!

It’s true that £1000 isn’t much money, but it’s certainly not impossible to build a very usable campervan for such a price. You’ll need to invest a lot of your own time and source parts as cheaply as possible, but anything is possible; you’ll just need to work at it!