Haka prelude to robbery in New Zealand campervan country

A couple of French campervan adventurers will be making a motorhome insurance claim this week after finding themselves the victims of a most unusual robbery.

The couple had been travelling the islands of New Zealand in their hired campervan and were in the Raglan area of Waikato when they decided to park up for the night in a remote, secluded area. The two occupants were woken in the middle of the night by a strange sound and looked out of the van to see a large man performing the Haka dance usually seen on rugby fields rather than camping fields.

It was plain to the couple that the man was trying to intimidate them and the situation became worse for them when a further group of men turned up and started accusing the confused campers of parking in a private area. When the couple refused to pay the men cash a struggle ensued as the robbers tried to wrestle the couple out of the campervan. The couple who believed the robbers were drunk eventually managed to get to safety but lost some of their possessions.

Local police sergeant, Mata John, is investigating the crime and believes the criminals let the whole area down, he said “The Waikato, and in fact the rest of the country, prides itself on being a safe, family friendly place to visit and the police want to ensure we do our part to maintain that hard earned reputation. The couple would have been very shaken up given the time it happened and the sense of isolation the victims would have felt.”

Although it was very dark at the crime scene police say the main assailant was a fat Maori man with a goatee beard and he was wearing a black and white T-Shirt.