Living in a Motorhome

Usually we talk about taking a holiday in a motorhome but what happens if you decide you want to live in it full time? Well there are a few things to consider but many people do do it. It is a more popular choice for singles that travel a lot for business and don’t necessarily need a home in the traditional sense. It is also popular with retirees who are keen to explore various countries.


Obviously you will still need to receive your post but it is not possible to get it sent to your motorhome as you are likely to never be in one place for long. As a result there are some alternatives such as getting t delivered to a relative. If you are going to get it sent to someone who lives alone and therefore pays a reduced single occupancy test, you will be giving up the right to vote. This is because you can’t register on the electoral role. It is important to have a postal address because the company that provides your motorhome insurance will need somewhere to send the documents. Make sure you get the right cover because if you are living full time in your motorhome your insurer will need to know this.

The Cold

Keeping warm in winter can be a struggle in some houses let alone a motorhome. This is when the choice of vehicle is important. More are well insulated and have double glazing but you will be using more gas during the winter. This is why it is a good idea to book some campsites for this season so you can hook up to the electric supply rather than spending excessive money on gas. Also consider your water and waste tanks. If they aren’t protected and are located under the vehicle then they can be prone to freezing.

Of course there are many more factors that need to be considered but if you really want it, you will be able to find a way around most things. Be sure you have fully researched every aspect before making your decision.