Take Heed of European Regulations

Map of EuropeMotorhome users will be pleased to hear that French rules requiring drivers to keep two breathalyser kits with them when driving are no longer to be enforced with the €11 fine. The French transport minister has decided not to enforce the law which was due to begin on the 1st March of this year, claiming that it would be difficult and not cost effective to undertake. However, there are still a number of European regulations that motorhome owners need to abide by if they’re to ensure they travel through Europe fine free.

Warning Triangle and Hi-Vis Jacket

In Spain and France you need to keep both a warning triangle and a hi-vis jacket with you at all times. If your motorhome is stopped by the side of the road you’ll need to lay out the triangle about 50m away from the motorhome and wear the jackets. Failure to do so is still punishable by a fine in France and you could even end up with a blemish on your license, potentially resulting in a rise in your motorhome insurance quote.

GB Stickers

If you’re coming from the UK, you need to make sure other road users know you are. This helps other drivers to know where your blind spots are and to exercise some caution. It’s much harder to judge distances from a right-hand drive car if you’re on the wrong side of the road. Some motorhomes will have GB number-plates: this is adequate too.

Adapt Your Lights

Motorhome lights for UK motorhomes are designed to give optimum brightness without dazzling other drivers and thus your lights are usually slightly angled away from the centre of the road. If you switch sides this can have the opposite effect and you should be sure to use damper stickers whenever you’re in continental Europe.

Driving in Europe does require a few minor changes but all of them are easy and cheap to do. You’ll find most ferry ports and the Eurotunnel terminal stock plenty of equipment so make sure you buy before you arrive.