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Additional Drivers


Often in the motorhome insurance world, there is some confusion about the place of additional (or ‘named’) drivers. Adding additional drivers, particularly if they are young or inexperienced drivers can affect the price of the overall insurance policy and can also have impacts upon particular a driver’s no claims policy. Here is a quick guide to additional drivers and how you can drive your policy price down.

The Main Policyholder

Each insurance policy must be held in the name of one main ‘policyholder’. Even if you and a partner drive your motorhome in pretty much equal measure, only one of you needs to actually hold the policy. As the policyholder, you’re able to build up a record with your insurer and years of no-claims record will really help you to lower the cost of you insurance. If you’re deciding who should be a main policyholder, pick the driver who has the fewest claims over the longest period.

Other Drivers

On most motorhome and insurance policies you can name up to three other drivers of your motorhome. Sometimes you can apply for these drivers to be ‘limited mileage’ drivers, but just adding a second driver is likely to put up the cost of your policy. If you’re adding names to the list ‘just in case’, it’s probably worth having a review of your policy and checking that your named drivers are actually using your motorhome.

Uninsured Drivers

On the other side of things, it is illegal for any non-named driver to take to the wheel of your motorhome at any time. Even if you’re just parking or reversing up the drive, it is illegal to allow an uninsured driver to take control of the vehicle. It is worth remembering this as, more than likely; the policyholder will have to accept some responsibility in the event of a claim.

Determining who should be an additional driver will depend on circumstances, but as a general rule, don’t name anyone more than necessary. Keep your policy low, keep the risk low for your insurer and you should be able to find a great value motorhome insurance quote.

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