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Air Conditioning for Motorhomes

Whether you’re someone who enjoys travelling through different climates or just taking your chances with the British summer, managing heat is really important. Having a good air conditioning system in your motorhome is really important for keeping spirits up for those days when the weather just isn’t in your favour. Before you buy, whether you’re looking to fit a new system to and old motorhome, or considering buying a new vehicle all together, it’s good to evaluate the options.

Roof Mounted Air Conditioning

Most motorhomes will have some form of air conditioning mounted in the roof, adjustable either by a remote control or from the dashboard. These sorts of units do need to be maintained so if you’re looking at buying a second hand motorhome be sure to check the unit has been properly looked after.


It is, of course, possible to upgrade your air conditioning unit and in most motorhomes this is just a case of buying a new unit as a package and getting it fitted – you may even be able to fit it yourself if you have some experience. Newer, more powerful air conditioning units tend to be more energy efficient and will be more capable dealing with extreme outdoor temperatures, keeping you cool at night. If you’re thinking of upgrading, check the impact upon your motorhome insurance quote – more expensive units might increase your premium.


There are some little things that can make travelling a luxury – heated seats and climate control in the driver’s cabin are really top end additions but are well worth the investment if you’re planning long stints on the road. Again, you can upgrade to add on these sorts of extras but they will cost you so do shop around to find the best deals.

If your current air conditioning system isn’t quite doing the trick then it might be time for an upgrade, but do check whether or not you have had a service recently. Air con can just add that little edge of luxury to your motorhome and can turn an uncomfortable night’s sleep into domestic heaven.

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