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Welcome to the motorhome blog from Comfort Insurance!

As motorhomers ourselves, we are constantly learning new tips from and sharing our own experiences with the wider community and with new friends we meet while out on the road.

That's why we started this motorhome blog - as a place for our customers to find useful resources which can help them to get even more out of the motorhome lifestyle.

Here at Comfort, we understand that there will be some reservations with taking your family away on a motorhome trip for the first time, but they are actually fantastic because of the freedom and flexibility they give. Our blog posts will cover everything you need to know about motorhoming with the family and kids.

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History of the campervan

History of the VW Campervan

View the entire history of the iconic VW Campervan, from its inception in 1947 all the way through to the latest redesign. 

Tips for Camping at Christmas

Not many people will think of spending Christmas in a motorhome, but actually, the Christmases spent camping as a family are the ones that will be remembered the most.   There is something magical about parking up at a beauty spot and enjoying Christmas right where you are. You can get away from all the…
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Top 15 Campervan Accessories

If you’re about to embark on a campervan holiday, you’ll want your van to be a real home-from-home, a way to get away from it all while keeping a few creature comforts intact. And while your campervan will come with most of the kit you need to survive in the wild, you might want to consider…
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solar panels

Summer Sun and Solar Panels

Solar panels have been embraced by the motorhome community for a number of years now. Even those without them understand what they do: convert sunlight into electricity. As the trend towards renewable energy sources has gained momentum, so more people are turning to solar panels as a way of providing their electricity. Many people are…
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motorhome on the road

How Helpful is New Technology to Motorhome Owners

As we all know, technology is forever evolving and there are more and more ways to use them to your advantage when driving your motorhome. There are new iPhone apps, video cameras and more that could potentially speed up claims processes if you were to be involved in a collision.
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comfortable seating

Making your Motorhome Holiday as Comfortable as Possible

When it comes to going a motorhome holiday some may be put off by the idea of being in one small space with their family for a long period of time. However, one of the key things to ensuring that your family gets along whilst you are away is to make the motorhome is as…
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sat-nav in motorhome

Choosing a Motorhome Sat-Nav

Many of us now consider our vehicles to be inseparable from our sat-navs; we often wonder how we ever managed to get around without them. However, in the last few years the market for good quality motorhome satellite navigation has become quite crammed and there are lots of models all around the same price range…
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