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Almost a Third of Motorhome owners Plan to spend Christmas on the Road

It has been revealed today by Out & About Live that almost a third of motorhomers plan to spend the Christmas season in their motorhomes. The online poll has also shown that only fifty per cent of those that took part said they were spending Christmas at home, whilst eighteen per cent will be visiting friends, and five per cent are doing something else.

One person who took part in the poll said that he is keeping up with tradition by spending the festive season in his motorhome. He said “Turkey and all the trimmings in the RV, always spend Christmas this way.” Another user said “We always spend Christmas in the ‘van. This year at the Seacroft Caravan Club site at Cromer to enjoy the hospitality. Management put her foot down and said no to cooking but I’ve hidden a can of soup away just in case.” Other motorhome owners are planning on heading off to warmer clients, with one saying “We are planning on heading off to Portugal for three months, taking the turkey and trimmings too.”

Many motorhome owners decide to go away at Christmas in order to find scenic areas such as secluded woodlands and winter beaches. However, many motorhome insurance companies are warning travellers to be careful, as during Christmas there is usually an increase in crime, so if motorhomers are planning on going away for an extended period of time they should make sure they secure their houses properly, or even invest in home insurance. Also, motorhomers need to be aware of how the winter weather could affect their trip, especially if they find themselves driving in icy conditions or planning on going out in the cold. Motorhomers have been advised to take extra blankets with them to make sure they stay warm, and also to make sure they have plenty of food with them as many shops may not be open over the Christmas period.

Spending Christmas on the road seems to be popular with motorhomers, especially as for some it means being able to see even more family. Anyone planning on going away this Christmas is advised to make sure they have planned ahead, and if they need any more advice to contact their motorhome insurance providers.

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