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The Best Places to Watch the Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de Yorkshire is back for another round of exciting cycling action, and what better way to enjoy the bank holiday weekend watching the Tour de Yorkshire?

Every year (well, this is the third year), thousands of cyclists take on the challenge of a 304 mile marathon, which takes place over three days.

In 2016 it attracted around two million spectators, who watched from various parts of the course.

There are three different stages (one for each day) – and there are plenty of spaces to park up your motorhome or caravan and watch the race. We’ve also included some campsites that have pitches available for motorhomes for the Tour itself, so read on to find out where they are.

The Tour de Yorkshire runs from April 28th to April 30th – so makes a perfect long weekend away trip.


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The Route

The route, naturally, aims to cover as much of Yorkshire as possible.

Stage one runs from Bridlington in east Yorkshire to Scarborough, as shown on the image below:

Bridlington to Scarborough - Tour de Yorkshire Route


Stage two runs from Tadcaster to Harrogate, via a detour up at Healey before looping back around:

Tadcaster to Harrogate - Tour de Yorkshire


And finally, Stage 3 begins in Bradford, and finishes in Fox Valley – Sheffield:

Bradford to Sheffield - Tour de Yorkshire Route


So, where are the best places to watch from at each stage?

Stage One – Garrowby Hill

You could decide to catch the last action of the day, as the contestants all begin to roll into Scarborough.

But we think you should head for Garrowby Hill, where you will really see cyclists put to a difficult challenge.

The ascent is roughly 2.5km, and so is one of the toughest on the entire route.

You’ll find a few different spots to settle down and watch as the cyclists whizz by throughout the day.

Stage Two – Lofthouse Hill

For similar reasons, Lofthouse Hill is a recommended visit on day two – and it’s only an hour-long drive away from Garrowby Hill.

Lofthouse Hill is a beautiful location, complete with an excellent golf resort (although you won’t have much time for a round if you’re here for the race!).

This time, the competitors will come across a 4.5km climb on the course, which is sure to test many to their limits.

The female racers will kick things off in the morning, whilst the men follow a little later on, so there’s plenty of action throughout the day.

Stage Three – Shibden Wall

Just a little to the north of Huddersfield you’ll find Shibden Wall, and your final viewing spot of the Tour de Yorkshire 2017.

This is one of the steepest spots on the tour, with the average gradient being 15.2 percent, and the maximum being 30.2 percent.

However, it is only 0.9km in length – but is certain to provide a very difficult challenge to the riders.

You can see the participants riding by from just before 3PM. The race as a whole will come to a conclusion a couple of hours later, at approximately 5:15pm.

Where to park your motorhome or caravan

There are plenty of campsites offering pitches for your motorhome or caravan, however we’ve found that the below four still have spaces for the Tour de Yorkshire:


The Tour de Yorkshire is a great spectacle, full of excitement, and we’re certain you’ll have lots of fun.

If you are planning on taking a trip through Yorkshire at the time of the race, we really hope you have an amazing time!


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