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Bodywork Scuffs and Scratches


There are all sorts of places where motorhomes can pick up minor bodywork damage; the campsite entrance, that multi-storey car park or even just pulling out of the garage back home. Unfortunately, damaged paintwork is something of a fact of life for most motorhome owners, but is there anything you can do to prevent small incidents like these?

Investigate the Damage

The most important thing to do is to ensure that any scratches or scuffs are just that – anything deeper or more serious could lead to water getting into the bodywork and severe rust problems. Do check also that any damage has only impacted upon bodywork; drive train parts or exhaust parts are surprisingly delicate and could easily be affected. Equally, if damage is near gas or water storage it’s usually best to get it checked out.

Touch up and Repair

It is possible to repair minor damage from a cosmetic perspective and you will usually be able to get hold of paint that matches the colour of your bodywork. You can usually also fix dents with relative ease, but this may be in the domain of your local repairs shop – if you have to remove body panels things can get complicated.

Always Ask for Details

In the event that your motorhome is damaged by another driver, be they another motorhome owner to someone in a car, then it’s always prudent to ask for their motorhome insurance details, their name and a contact number. Take, also, their registration plate and don’t be afraid to use them. Usually insurers are quick to sort costs for damages and if an incident isn’t your fault then you don’t need to suffer the costs.

Unfortunately minor damage is a bit of a given when it comes to motorhome driving and there are numerous areas where it’s very easy to pick up damage. It’s best not to be overly worried by scuffs and scratches, just check that the damage is only superficial and, you never know, you may easily be able to have it repaired.

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