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Motorhome Rust

Heat, water and mud can all cause problems for motorhome bodies and if you’re taking on only a low mileage every year, rust is likely to be a major long term threat to the longevity of your motorhome. There are a good number of things you can do to protect your motorhome so here’s a quick guide to avoiding problems with rust.

Rust Protection

There are a couple of reasonably good value products on the market that claim to ‘rust proof’ your motorhome. Ideally, you need to start rust proofing your motorhome from new but there are a good variety of products that will cater for older motorhomes. You could start off by trying a cheap, DIY spray on kit but if you find you’re having real problems then a professional rust proofing will do the trick but it may set you back £500.

Care and Cleaning

Of course, all the products in the world won’t do you any good if your motorhome is not well protected by itself. Keep your motorhome clean but beware that it’s water that will cause rust so, if possible, give it a few days in the sunshine to dry off before you store it away. Don’t forget your wheel arches and your roof – these are just as susceptible to rust as anywhere else. Rust is often very damaging but sometimes difficult to claim for on your motorhome insurance so make sure you can show you’ve done all you can to stop rust.

Rust Treatment

Of course it is possible to treat rust once it arrives but be careful of using treatments prematurely – they can be quite strong solutions and you might end up stripping off more of your paintwork than you wanted. If you can visibly see rust or if bodywork is staring to crumble away when you touch it then it’s time for the right treatment.

Rust can be very problematic and very expensive to deal with so proofing your motorhome is far preferable to treating it! Take good care of your motorhome, though, and it should last you a good few years yet!

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