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Britain’s Roads Suffer from Bad Winter

The roads in the UK are infamous around the world for being narrow, twisty and challenging, but after a series of incredibly hard winters – and latent snow and ice – not only are the roads difficult to drive on, they’re in incredibly bad shape. For most drivers this isn’t too serious an issue, but for motorhome drivers it can be a real problem. Here’s what to watch out for this winter:

Soft Verges and Narrowing Roads

At this time of year most of the trees have shed their leaves and there is plenty of debris hanging around on the side of the road. When combined with heavy rainfall this can cause slippage of the verge and significant narrowing of the road. Those roads that were just narrow enough to squeeze through might not be anymore and taking too much of a detour onto the verge could leave you stuck. It’s best to stick to the main roads this time of year.

Pot Holes

Pot holes are a worry this time of year as ice really starts to thaw tarmac. If you get stuck in a pothole or have tyre damage then you should get in touch with your motorhome insurance company and the local council. They should be able to fill the hole and may even agree to pay damages in certain circumstances.

Black Ice, Water and Mud

Over the last few days, if you haven’t seen serious snowfall, you’ll have seen areas of lanes which are a mixture of ice and water which, when combined with muddy tarmac, are a lethal cocktail. These areas are incredibly slippery so avoid making any sharp turns over ice and, if possible, avoid sudden braking. Both could lead you into a skid.

Unfortunately the roads in the UK just aren’t cut out for motorhomes at this time of year, but make sure when you do travel you take things slowly and as safely as possible.

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