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Broken Brakes


You might not know exactly how much your motorhome weighs, but you can be fairly sure that if you let it run down a slope it would pick up some serious speed! Of course, there is no part more vital to the smooth running of your motorhome than good brakes, they are essential safety tools but also help you to drive efficiently and can help you save on fuel. Unfortunately, with all the use they get, motorhome brakes are prone to…well…breaking! Here’s some advice when you need to get your brakes serviced.

Brake Feel

As your brakes will wear as you drive it, you’re unlikely to notice any wear immediately. However, just sense check your brakes every time you drive and if you find yourself stopping slowly or rolling back on hills without your handbrake then it’s time to get a service and contact your motorhome insurance provider. You will notice this effect is more accentuated in the rain so it can be a good time to take a test drive.

Heed the Warnings

Your dashboard is clever and usually will pick up when your brakes need a service – don’t ignore this warning! However, if you haven’t driven your motorhome much then the millage count may not correspond to the actual wear of your brakes. If you haven’t had a service in some time then look out for corrosion or wear and it may be worth just dropping your motorhome into the local garage; there’s no point taking risks with brakes.

Handbrake Wear

It’s not just the footbrake that will corrode over time, your handbrake will too. If you notice slippage when you have the handbrake on or are finding it harder than usual to apply the brake tightly then you should seek a service. If your usual parking space is on a slope then your handbrake will have to work harder than you’d expect and you may need regular servicing.

Thankfully, brakes usually corrode slowly and aren’t really prone to ‘snapping’ like you see in films. With a bit of observation and care you can normally spot any problems before they get serious so keep you eyes peeled and if you notice your stopping distances becoming significantly longer then you should take your motorhome in for a service immediately.

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