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Campervan, Caravan or Motorhome: which one is right for you?

Image of caravan, campervan and motorhomeEven though we are still enjoying the warm weather the truth is we are already approaching the end of August which means there’s not much time left to book a holiday! It may therefore be time to tempt yourself with something a bit more adventurous than the traditional hotel formula – a holiday on the road!

Road trips are an excellent way to explore places up-close and personal as well as visit attractions that are slightly out of the way. If you are already convinced then you may want to consider one of three options: a campervan, caravan or motorhome. All three solutions are very different and have their own advantages and disadvantages, so below we look at each option:


For some, campervans are the most convenient option of the three as they are small yet provide basic living amenities. Due to their size, campervans are easier to drive or navigate traffic with and most come with the option of accommodating two or four people, making them perfect for couples, friends, small families and most notoriously the surfing fanatic. Their size also makes them more affordable than a fully equipped motorhome which could be handy for those on a tight budget!

Don’t be fooled however, even though campervans are smaller and more affordable than some motorhomes this doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable. However, one downside is the lack of bathrooms on-board which could be a challenge when travelling with small children. The same rule applies for the storage space which means that you will have to carefully pack your belongings in order not to waste space.

Good For: Affordability, ease of navigation, comfort and small families or groups.

Bad For: Lack of living amenities and slightly limited space.


Motorhomes are often considered the luxury upgrade of a campervan. With their larger interiors and comfortable design they can easily accommodate anywhere between two and eight people which is perfect for families or groups of friends. Motorhomes also tend to come fully equipped with on-board bathrooms and kitchens which help make you feel at home while on the road. The beds, whether bunks or fold out, also make the most of the available space and allow you to enjoy maximum comfort.

Conversely, motorhomes are less easy to manoeuvre than campervans due to their size and they also generally cost more than their counterparts. They are therefore better suited to bigger families or families with older children for instance. Retirees also tend to choose motorhomes due to their larger size and comfort.

Good For: Comfort and large amount of space; perfect for larger families, groups of friends and retirees.

Bad For: Slightly more costly and harder to navigate due to their size.


Compared to campervans and motorhomes, caravans are a lot less mobile as they need to be towed by a car. Caravan owners therefore tend to stay on a site for longer periods of time as they require quite a lengthy installation. For instance, once you have arrived at a destination you will have to unhitch your caravan, level it, connect it to a source of electricity and find a source of water to fill the containers. Caravans are spacious due to their being no driver inside.

However, once settled, you have more freedom to go and have a look around your destination as you can leave your caravan and take the car instead. With a motorhome, unless you bring bikes, it can often be quite hard to go and explore small roads/trails.

Usually, caravans are better if you plan to stay longer in a location whilst still visiting the immediate surroundings with your car, whereas motorhomes and campervans are great if you plan to travel from place to place, staying a short time at each location.

Good For: Freedom, a long stay and families and groups.

Bad For: Mobility; it takes a while to set them up and fitting accessories.

Overall, campervans, motorhomes and caravans all have different benefits and disadvantages but they are great for almost any type of demographic and make travelling a lot easier. All three will need attention when you arrive at your destinations to ensure nothing has moved during transportation however once this is done you are ready to go! So which one will you choose?

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Photo by David Sorley / CC BY-SA 2.0

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