Fun Packing Ideas for your next Motorhome Holiday

Packing is not most people’s idea of fun, however it’s one of those things we all have to do before heading off in our motorhomes. The problem with packing is that it can become extremely stressful. What if you forget something important? How are you supposed to make room for everything? What happens if something breaks or spills? The list goes on.

At Comfort Insurance we try and help our readers make the most out of their holidays at every stage – which believe it or not can include packing! All you need to do is adopt some clever tricks…

Clothes Rotation

One of the biggest issues when it comes to packing is finding the right balance between a) having everything you need with you throughout your trip and b) not bringing your entire wardrobe with you. Things become even more complicated when not only do you have to pack for yourself but also your kids and/or friend or partner.

This is why you need to adopt what we like to call a “clothes rotation”. This starts with grabbing a pen and paper (or if you are travelling in a particularly large group, a whiteboard) and writing down what each person realistically needs for the length of your journey. Take a look through your wardrobe for pieces that can easily convert from day to night (for instance a nice shirt, black tops or a smart pair of trousers).

Whatever you do, don’t pack on an outfit-by-outfit basis. Pack two or three of each item (tops, trousers, shoes) that can all be interchanged and still look good. That way you will have plenty of choice without having to pack your entire wardrobe!

Taking on Toiletries

Toiletries are essential for any holiday yet can end up wreaking havoc if not packed properly. A fantastic tip here is to never bring entire bottles with you and instead purchase smaller plastic bottles that you can dispense your products into. Another great thing about putting your toiletries into smaller bottles is that you save a tonne of room in your motorhome which can come in handy if a lot of you are travelling in the same vehicle.

Other clever hacks for packing toiletries includes putting a bulldog clip over the end of your razor to keep your fingers safe, putting cotton balls in makeup compacts (such as powder or eyeshadow) to prevent them from breaking and wrapping hair straighteners in oven gloves to keep them safe and prevent any heat from damaging your motorhome’s countertops or floors!

Toys, cables, accessories et al.

It’s often the case that packing your clothes and toiletries for a motorhome holiday isn’t the problem – it’s everything else you need to bring! Leaving things loose is a guaranteed recipe for disaster, however it’s often difficult to find space to pack everything securely (after all, you can’t bring a toy or jewellery box with you!)

Luckily there are a couple of tricks you can use to make packing all those little extras that much easier. For instance, cables such as phone chargers and headphones can easily be stored in a glasses case where they won’t get tangled, while delicate necklaces, earrings or any other kind of jewellery can be kept safe in a pill box or two.

When it comes to kids’ toys you are going to have to be brave and limit them to a set amount otherwise they could end up taking over your motorhome! Soft toys are preferable as they can be easily stored away in small areas, however if your child can’t live without their Lego or other bulky toys try only bringing a set amount and/or storing them in plastic bags instead of bulky boxes.

The Kitchen Sink

A big difference when it comes to packing for a motorhome holiday compared to staying in a hotel is that you also need to bring food and cooking items. A handy tip here is to look at the amount and size of the cupboards in your motorhome and then designate where each utensil or foodstuff will go.

When it comes to packing food try and avoid bringing anything perishable such as fruit or veg as you can usually buy these items on your journey. Meat, grains, tea, coffee, sugar and nearly any other type of food can be placed into plastic bags and separated into portion sizes so that you only bring what you need and are easier to store.

One last tip: plan your meals ahead of your trip so that you only bring with you what you need and you are safe in the knowledge that each meal won’t require a multiple pots and pans. Stuck for ideas? Then check out our blog on 4 Delicious Dishes you can Cook in your Motorhome or Campervan!

Packing for a motorhome or campervan holiday doesn’t have to be stressful if you have some clever tips and tricks under your belt. We would love to know your packing ideas so let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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