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Campervan Exchanges

House swapping has become a popular way of taking a cost-effective holiday these days, but the trend isn’t just for ordinary holidaymakers. Plenty of campervan and motorhome users are now arranging swaps which allow them to travel to a different part of the world and have use of a campervan without needing to rent. Here’s a quick guide to campervan exchanges:

Arranging your Exchange

The internet is far and away the best way of arranging an exchange and there are plenty of forums that allow you to offer up an exchange. Lots of exchanges take place over very long distances (say UK-Australia) but plenty of people arrange UK-UK swaps. Don’t ever give away too many details online, however, it’s best to phone to arrange final details.

Practical Exchanging

Ensuring that both you and your exchange partners find your respective campervans on time and with ease can be challenging. Some people like to have a day’s overlap to meet and exchange keys and some will leave keys with friends. Either way, it’s better to have a contact name and address rather than relying on the post and, though it sounds obvious you should never give away your only set of keys!

The Paperwork

If you’re travelling overseas and using somebody else’s campervan insurance details you will most likely need to let your insurer know. It’s possible to find cheap campervan insurance quotes for short term usage and some providers will allow you to just add your exchange partners are named drivers. Exchanging is not risk free, however, so make sure you are properly insured.

An exchange can be a very exciting way of touring and it’s not just for the young and free spirited, many people these days choose to save money on rental costs and prefer just to swap. The practicalities will vary from exchange to exchange but if you’re ever slightly unhappy about a swap deal then it’s never too late to pull out.

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