The Essential Motorhome Toolkit

Not all of us are experts when it comes to making motorhome repairs, but there’s no excuse for not having a few toolbox essentials to help you get by. If you’re not someone who’s particularly experienced in mechanics then there’s no way you should be going too deep under the bonnet of your motorhome, but you will need to keep basic things like your tyres, engine and interior going strong.

Spanners, Screwdrivers and Allen Keys

Things come loose all the time in motorhomes, particularly in the interior. A good set of spanners, a variety of both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers and numerous Allen keys should help you tighten up any bolts. Though it might seem expensive to go out and buy a whole set at once, you really will use all the different components. It’s typical that if you only buy one size it will be just too small or just too big when you really need it.

Electrical Equipment

Playing with the electronics on your motorhome too much may invalidate your motorhome insurance policy, but you are normally at liberty to rewire plugs, test sockets and jump start your battery. A basic electrical set and a bit of knowledge about how to use it can be invaluable; electrical components tend to be a little more unreliable than most and you might end up fixing them surprisingly often.

Tape, Cloths and Rags

You’ll appreciate having a few old rags and a couple of clean cloths in your toolbox as they will come in handy if you end up dealing with oily or dirty parts. Tape is also incredibly useful as a quick fix: it can stop leaks, hold together cracked bodywork and fix wires until you’re able to get to a proper repair shop.

Once you get started with a toolkit you’re pretty likely to find you need to keep extending it, but you should have at least a basic set to begin with. You should also make sure you keep it together as best as possible: there’s nothing more frustrating than missing the very screwdriver you need.

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