Campervan Fire Safety

Campervan Fire Safety

You might have spotted a sad story late last week about a campervan worth £80,000 which caught fire and was totally destroyed in Reading. The cause was believed to be an electrical fault and it’s a sharp reminder to campervan owners to keep fire safety in mind at all times. Sometimes, there’s not a lot you can do about campervan fires, but there are steps you can take to minimise the risk.

Common Causes

The risk of fire in campervans is considerably higher than elsewhere because there are two sets of risks both working at once. When you think about it, there is a danger of accident from both mechanical or electrical failures caused by your drive train combined with the risk of something like an oven fire or harmless cigarette butt. Canvas awnings or fixtures are also very flammable so beware about cooking or smoking under canvas.

Protecting Yourself

Some things can’t be helped, but keeping a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm in your cabin will really reduce the risk. You should not try to fight any large fires yourself, but a fire extinguisher might be able to nip out something small before it becomes uncontrollable. Most campervans will be fitted with smoke alarms but you need to check yours is working and safe at all times – it might end up saving your life.

Claiming Damages

A campervan insurance policy which offers you fire protection is invaluable when it comes to protecting yourself against the risk of fire as you might be able to claim back any damages in part or in full. Make sure your policy gives you an appropriate level of cover for your campervan, but don’t think that because you are insured you won’t be affected. Plenty of campers every year lose personal effects which might include photos or valuables that just can’t be replaced.

Fires do occur on campsites or in campervans that are off the road. Be safe and make sure you deal with the risk of fire before it occurs – it’s often a very easy thing to prevent but can be very damaging if you are affected.

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