Campervan for your Prom – Turn up in Style

With prom season right around the corner, what could be better than turning up to prom in a campervan!

If you want to stand out from the crowd and make the day extra special, then be original, think outside the box and rent a campervan for the evening.


The retro van will offer unique photos and memorable times with your friends before you even arrive at your prom. Girls, with all your big dresses, what could be better than having more space than a limo and you and your dress arriving at prom the same way you left, crease free!

You may be surprised how many people use campervans for special occasions, so make sure you book early enough to ensure you get one. Many can seat four including the driver so make sure you only invite your closest friends as everyone will be trying to get a place inside your camper.

What to Expect

As many of the campervans are self drive, you will need to find someone who will take you but this won’t be much of a problem because who wouldn’t want to drive a VW campervan. This also gives you the advantage of going for a drive before your prom and you can chose where you go. As campervans aren’t very fast, this means everyone will be able to take notice of you on your way.

In most cases, soft drinks will be supplied but if you want champagne you will need to provide ID to prove everyone is over 18.


Many companies will give you the campervan for the whole night and are often a lot cheaper than hiring a limo which can often only be hired for getting to and from prom.

As prom signifies the end of school and the start of the summer holidays, you could even hire them out for a lot longer and go on a road trip around the country or even abroad. Make sure you check with the company you hire from though as they may only have campervan insurance that covers the UK.

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