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Campervan Styling Tips

Winter is well on its way by now, and campervan owners are coming in from the great outdoors and starting to get back to their garages. So, this winter, instead of letting your campervan sit around and gather dust, why not get hands on and get styling so when next summer comes, you can show off your own handiwork. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started with campervan styling.

Start Small

Accessories can easily be changed and replaced so start with the simple things. Try out a new spare wheel cover, maybe just a different tax disc holder or some fluffy dice! Experiment and you’ll get the bug.

New Wheels

Some shiny new alloy wheels can make all the difference to a way your campervan looks, and they may even help the way it rides. Maybe start shopping online, but there are lots of dealers around who will help you source a style you like.

Inside and Out

Don’t forget that your campervan needs to be lived in too! A little new upholstery, some kitchen accessories or even a complete refit can make your campervan feel as good as new, usually with only a minimal technical work.

New Paintwork

The pinnacle of renovations is a new paint job. Remember to test the colour first to see if you like it, and make sure you mask up your windscreen and trim: metal paint won’t come off all that easily, so spray wisely!

Keep things Clean

Finally, a good clean up might be all you need. Shiny chrome, clean, simple paintwork and sparkling glass can make even the oldest campervans look as good as new. Invest some time in getting the right cleaning products and you may just surprise yourself!

Remember that your campervan insurance provider may want to know if you’ve made any major changes to your campervan, so make sure you check before you start to modify. However, make use of the winter months and start looking forward to next summer!

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