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Campsite Disputes

Holidays are stressful – it’s been said. However idyllic the open road and sea air might seem there are always problems, whether it’s a five hour queue on the M4, an unplanned return journey to pick up your forgotten mobile phone or just a bad night’s sleep the night before, things can get tense. So when you do finally arrive, the last thing you need is a dispute with your neighbours at a campsite. Here’s a quick guide to keeping relations good.


One thing that a lot of campers are very insistent about is noise late at night. Sleeping in a motorhome isn’t always the most comfortable experience and with background noise it’s even more difficult to get some rest. Be respectful of others who may have children with them or, perhaps, just have an early start the next day. After 9pm think about keeping things low and after 11pm you should assume that everyone else is already asleep.


Campervans are getting larger and pitches are getting squeezed so that site owners can get more and more people on to their sites. This means that you might be parked up quite close to a neighbour and they may request that you rearrange an awning or park your car elsewhere. Be respectful of this and it can be good to make the first move; if you feel like you might be encroaching on someone else’s patch let them know and keep things friendly.


One thing that’s not to be taken quite so lightly is damages. A grazed bumper from some bad parking, a wayward football or some careless cookery can all pose a risk to your motorhome. Motorhome insurance is the only sure-fire way to ensure you get your costs back because not everyone will be willing to take account of their own carelessness. Make sure you’re covered and you take good details at the incident.

It can be really frustrating having to deal with disputes when you’re meant to be on holiday but these things do happen, it’s just about being prepared for them. Always keep your policy documents handy and, as far as possible, keep things friendly – it’s much easier to find a good compromise if you’re on good terms with your neighbours.

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