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Caravan and Motorhome Parks are Perfect for Children

Research into the development of children has shown that outdoor activities rather than pastimes involving interaction with a TV or computer screen are much more beneficial to the average youngster. The report says the wealth of variety in outside activities means that most children can find a pastime they enjoy while enjoying the fresh air and openness of outside spaces and an added benefit is that parents and children can often enjoy a pastime together.

Caravan and motorhome parks were mentioned in the report as ideal places for families to engage the great outdoors together. Children enjoy water activities, singing and dancing and a huge array of activities that are tailored to all age groups. The environment of the caravan and motorhome park is also safe and secure for everyone. This allows parents to relax and make sure that the whole family can unwind in a static caravan or motorhome after a long day of enjoyment.

Dee Green, from Visit Britain, who conducted the research, said “This kind of holiday will also give children the chance to get away from their daily routine. The range of activities mean that both children and adults will always be entertained, giving them some great experiences to share. There will also be an enhanced connection between family members because of the quality time the children and parents have spent together.”

Motorhomes especially are becoming more popular because they offer personalised accommodation and the chance to get away without a great degree of planning. As families are responsible for their own cooking and entertainment it means that they are free to come and go as they please, releasing them from restraints that families can experience with other types of holiday accommodation. A motorhome represents a major financial commitment, so it makes sense to look after it and get good quality motorhome insurance for protection, but that is easy to find these days, and a little homework on a computer will usually produce a better insurance deal and a valid excuse for having a computer in the first place!

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