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Caravan Times advise owners to buy Tyron Safety Bands

Campervan and caravan owners often don’t pay attention to their tyres unless they are planning on going on a trip where the terrain may be difficult to drive on. However, even though the UK is not particularly known for its treacherous driving conditions, the weather over the past few months has caused a huge amount of problems for drivers, meaning that keeping an eye on your tyres may be more important than you think.

Even though the snow and ice have now mostly disappeared from the UK roads, the after affects are starting to show, especially the increase in the amount of potholes. Potholes are caused when water gets into small cracks in the road, freezes, and then expands making the cracks even bigger. Eventually, the hole can become so big that it can cause damage to cars and campervans if driven over, meaning that it is more likely for campervan and caravan owners to experience damages to their vehicles.

Therefore, the Caravan Times have published an article suggesting that campervan and caravan owners invest in Tyron Safety Bands to place over their tyres so that they are protected when driving on roads affected by potholes. They have said that Tyron Safety Bands protect drivers as they ensure that the campervan wheels will not burst if driving over a road particularly affected by potholes. The bands were originally made in Britain and used by the military, and not only can they keep your campervan safe but some campervan insurance companies may even reduce their premiums if they know your vehicle is fitted with them.

Discussing the importance of protecting campervan tyres, the Caravan Times wrote: “A compound blowout can be the root cause of any number of serious accidents involving touring caravans, with the potential for a loss of towing control and vehicle collisions. And alongside these risks are the similarly pressing financial issues created by such a problem, with the average cost of a caravan tyre blowout approximately £2,000.” This shows the importance of taking care of your campervan tyres before heading out on the road, and even though investing in Tyron safety bands may initially cost you, the savings you will make in the long term could end up being priceless.

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