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History of the campervan

History of the VW Campervan

View the entire history of the iconic VW Campervan, from its inception in 1947 all the way through to the latest redesign. 

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Does Engine Size Matter?

All the statistics surrounding motorhomes can be pretty confusing so it’s no wonder that buying one is such a long and arduous process. One of the key figures you will almost always see quoted is the engine size of a motorhome. Engine size corresponds, rather complexly, to the amount of air displaced when the cylinders…
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American RV Sales at All Time High

Figures from the University of Michigan showed late last week that sales of American RVs are at an all time high. At present it’s estimated that one in twelve American residents owns an RV, or something similar. Given the economic climate in the USA at the moment, this is a quite remarkable statistic. Could the…
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Test Drive Before Buying

  According to research, 1 in 10 motorhome owners have bought their motorhome insurance before even test driving the vehicle. This is because most people are now researching online or in specialist magazines before going to a showroom and speaking to a salesman. According to those who took part in the research, 10 per cent…
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Tough Times for the Motorhome Market

  The recession has hit everyone hard and there still doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to the difficulties in Europe which has brought real difficulties to the motorhome market. Motorhomes are an excellent example of a luxury product and when things get tough and money starts to become an issue, people are…
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Personalised Registration Plates for Motorhomes

  Everyone has their own opinion about personalised number-plates and they do tend to polarise opinions: you really do love them or you hate them! However, plenty of motorhome owners love them; they can make a great addition to any motorhome and they can make ideal birthday or Christmas presents for loved ones. There are…
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Reading Reviews to Find your Perfect Motorhome

  It’s not a secret that motorhome purchases are a big deal and they involve seriously large sums of money, often accompanied by a credit agreement or a finance deal. For all but the extraordinary few motorhome owners, it’s one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make and, because of this, it’s important to get…
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