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Whether you’re intending to buy your first motorhome or are a seasoned traveller looking to buy your next dream vehicle, our motorhome buying advice blogs provide a wealth of useful information to help you make the right choice and to get the right insurance cover to meet your needs. Read on and find out more…

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Could you swap your Motorhome for a Campervan?

When it comes to going on holiday with the family there is a general consensus that the more space you have the less likely it will be for arguments to start. This is why most families choose to invest in motorhomes instead of campervans for their holidays, as most of the time they offer more…
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vintage motorhome on road

The Comfort Insurance Guide to Buying a Vintage Motorhome

Buying vintage isn’t quite as simple as buying your ordinary run of the mill motorhome, and there’s a lot more to it than deciding how many berths you need and the money you want to spend. There are financial, practical, mechanical and, of course, aesthetic considerations to make when you’re buying vintage, so here is…
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Should You Part Exchange Your Motorhome?

Part exchange deals are always convenient: there’s no two ways about it. To be able to drive one motorhome up to the showroom and then drive away in another is a great feeling, and it saves a lot of the hassle of trying to advertise and sell your motorhome elsewhere. However, is the part exchange…
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Does Engine Size Matter?

All the statistics surrounding motorhomes can be pretty confusing so it’s no wonder that buying one is such a long and arduous process. One of the key figures you will almost always see quoted is the engine size of a motorhome. Engine size corresponds, rather complexly, to the amount of air displaced when the cylinders…
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american rv

American RV Sales at All Time High

Figures from the University of Michigan showed late last week that sales of American RVs are at an all time high. At present it’s estimated that one in twelve American residents owns an RV, or something similar. Given the economic climate in the USA at the moment, this is a quite remarkable statistic. Could the…
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Test Drive Before Buying

  According to research, 1 in 10 motorhome owners have bought their motorhome insurance before even test driving the vehicle. This is because most people are now researching online or in specialist magazines before going to a showroom and speaking to a salesman. According to those who took part in the research, 10 per cent…
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