Motorhome Maintenance

Welcome to our motorhome and campervan maintenance blog pages.

Motorhomes and campervans represent a significant investment, whether you’re buying new or second-hand. As experienced motorhome owners ourselves we’ve created some useful information to help keep you and your vehicle safe. Keeping on top of your motorhome and campervan’s ongoing maintenance will ensure that you get the most out of it and will help to improve its residual value. Read on to find out more.

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Tips for Long-Haul Motorhome Adventures

Going on long-haul motorhome adventures often requires a fair amount of planning, and even though they are exciting they can also be extremely tiring. Furthermore, if you don’t plan properly you could find yourself in some dangerous situations during your trip that even your motorhome insurance provider will struggle to help you with! So if…
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damp damage

Damp Damage for Motorhome Owners

We’re all aware of the possible damages that damp can cause in our homes, but damp isn’t something that’s exclusive to bricks-and-mortar properties. Motorhomes, due to their exposure to the elements and the fact they are self-contained, often open-plan living arrangements, suffer from damp just as frequently as houses. Fortunately, damp is reversible and treatable,…
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motorhome on side of road

Brake Maintenance for your Motorhome

Your brakes are essential to the well-being of your motorhome, without well-functioning brakes not only will you be very unlikely to get an MOT or motorhome insurance, but you’re almost certainly going to be stuck with a motorhome that’s completely unsafe to drive. When it comes to brakes there should be no shortcuts taken; a…
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cleaning supplies

Spring Cleaning Your Motorhome

The end of April is rapidly approaching and for most motorhome owners, the possibility of an opportunistic weekend away starts becoming a real possibility. The period between the end of April and early July is the prime time for campers to get away before the school holiday start but to still make the most of…
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charging electric motorhome

Managing Your Motorhome Electricity Supply

Motorhome electricity comes in lots of varieties and there are many combinations and different ways to get power to your various appliances. Some of these are more efficient than others, however, and understanding how the electricity works in your motorhome is essential to getting the most out of it. Here’s out guide to managing your…
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cleaning products

Cleaning Your Motorhome’s Upholstery

Motorhomes are to be lived in and enjoyed, and most of them are designed for a certain amount of wear and tear. If you’re camping by the beach or in the forest it’s extremely hard to keep your motorhome sand or mud free – particularly if you’re camping with kids! The result of that is,…
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