Motorhome Maintenance

Welcome to our motorhome and campervan maintenance blog pages.

Motorhomes and campervans represent a significant investment, whether you’re buying new or second-hand. As experienced motorhome owners ourselves we’ve created some useful information to help keep you and your vehicle safe. Keeping on top of your motorhome and campervan’s ongoing maintenance will ensure that you get the most out of it and will help to improve its residual value. Read on to find out more.

We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £220!


Running your Motorhome on Biofuels

Running your motorhome can sometimes prove to be quite costly, especially when you add up the price of the motorhome itself, accessories, motorhome insurance, and last but certainly not least – petrol. The cost of petrol is always being discussed in the news, and the price these days to fill up your tank can be…
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motorhome starter kit

Motorhome Starter Kits

Were you one of the lucky ones who had a new motorhome sitting under the tree on Christmas eve? Perhaps you’ve been promised a new four-wheeled friend or you’re looking to hit the January sales over the coming weeks? Whatever you’re looking for, it’s important to remember that motorhomes don’t just run by themselves; you’ll…
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jump starting a motorhome

Jump Starting A Motorhome

  We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it, but running your battery flat can still be pretty embarrassing. Whether you’ve left the lights on, the radio running or just left a door slight ajar, it’s always frustrating to come back to your motorhome and realise you haven’t got the power to go anywhere.…
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Damp Problems in Motorhomes

  If you think of your motorhome a bit like a studio flat, with one room in which to live and one bathroom, it’s no surprise that lots of motorhomes attract mould throughout their lifespan. Of course, just like a studio flat, damp is really something to be wary of: it’s structurally damaging to your…
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rusty motorhome

Rust proofing a motorhome will protect the investment for years to come

Any mobile home owner will confirm that having good motorhome insurance is vital. Whether they spend time searching online or employ an insurance broker to find a highly competitive deal on their behalf, motorhome owners will not take to the roads without being sure they are covered should the worse happen. However, there are some…
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spare vehicle parts

Working with Write-Offs

  Vehicle owners and garages have an entire vocabulary describing a write-off, but whatever term you use, a motorhome is considered a total write-off when the cost of repairing it is greater than the cost of selling it in its current state – it’s market value. Usually a write-off is caused because a vehicle has…
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