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Child-Friendly Motorhome Travel

Each of us knows just what we love about motorhome travel, whether that’s the breeze and the fresh air, or just the low cost! However, it’s not always easy to transfer that same pleasure to the young ones. Kids are often surprisingly dismissive about motorhome holidays and that can be quite disheartening. So, to save you the battles when you’re away, here are a few tips for enthusing the young ones about motorhome travel.

Don’t Ban the Electronics

Sure, you might want to get away from your emails for a week, but for a lot of young people their social lives are determined by what goes on online. Like it or hate it, this is just the way it is and banning phones or laptops will probably make them miserable. Of course, you don’t want the little ones spending all week online, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to update a status every so often.

Get them Involved

It’s tempting to take over when it comes to camping holidays, but you don’t need to. If your little ones are reading the maps, cooking the dinners or seeking out the best beaches then they’ll start to realise the same pleasure that you do. If you’re feeling brave you could always add the over-18s to your motorhome insurance policy and share the driving.

Prioritise Comfort

Though you might be able to live off relatively little sleep and a cold shower, your teenage daughter might well disagree. Don’t force your ideals onto your children too much and make sure they have a few creature comforts: whether it’s hair straighteners or bacon for breakfast that will make them happy, it can be worth backing down on your views to accommodate them and you might well be rewarded with happy kids!

Unfortunately travelling with children can be quite challenging, but if you know a few tricks to win them over you’re in a great position to have a great trip!

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