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Child Safety in Motorhomes

Kids are great fun on motorhome holidays, and most absolutely love the thrill of the open road, exploring and travelling to find somewhere new, and the novelty of living in a moving home for a few weeks! However, there are a small number of motorhome insurance claims each year which concern accidents involving children, as motorhomes aren’t always designed around your young ones. Here are a few tips for keeping the kids in check and ensuring your children are safe around your motorhome.

House Rules are Vital

If you wouldn’t let your children near the oven or medicine cabinet back home, then the same rules apply in your motorhome. All of these little dangers will seem even more tempting to children who are looking for fun in a motorhome, but it’s so important to keep up standards when you’re travelling. Misbehaving with simple appliances is one of the most common ways for children to get hurt, so make sure you explain the rules to them before you leave.

Beware of Mechanical Parts

Your children may well have a healthy interest in the mechanics of your motorhome, but they shouldn’t be allowed to play under the bonnet under any circumstances. A good way to keep your children interested but to let them know the boundaries is to show them what’s what under the bonnet so their curiosity is satisfied, but make clear that it’s an adult’s job to play with the engine.

Plenty of Fresh Air

There are many dangers that you just can’t prevent, but energetic children are much more likely to get injured than tired worn-out ones! Give your children plenty of opportunities to play around outside of your motorhome and get lots of fresh air so that the pent-up energy they have doesn’t get used within the confines of your motorhome!

It’s great fun to have kids who travel with you, but let them know the ground rules from the off, and you can all enjoy a safe and happy motorhome holiday.

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